An out-of-context quartet for Dub Sirens and FX, interpreting an experimental score by Munsha.

Composition #1 [2024]
written for
Echolab #1 + Octaver + Delay
Benidub DS71 Dub Siren + Delay
Mr. Law NJD Siren + Flanger + Delay
Mr. Law Lickshot Machine + Delay

SIREN ORCHESTRA by Munsha #sirenorchstra

The »Siren Orchestra« concept by Munsha and DJ Junktion started in 2023. The idea was to take the Sirens, Lickshots and special effects machines that are common in reggae and dub sound system culture out of their original context into the sphere of experimental, improvised music and noise.
So Munsha sat down in the studio with four sound generators that had not been part of her musical world before, and created a notation language for these quirky little synths and LFOs. The first result of this excursion is composition #1 for four specific voices, which features tightly timed musical events and instructions as well as room for free improvisation and sound exploration by the performers.
»Siren Orchestra« has no fixed cast – the score is meant to be interpreted by a new ensemble of local players for each event. All it takes is some preparation, a couple of hours of rehearsal and mostly: fun playing around with sounds and playing together. »Siren Orchestra« is a live experience.