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Thorbjörn Sjögren

Thorbjörn Sjögren

Some time ago I had the privilege to get acquainted with him and , from it , several ideas and projects took form , springing from a mutual understanding and admiration feelings .
That knowledge , although short , gave life to a creature .
We were sure that it would not be left alone ; determined and motivated to put forth other suggestions , other creatures .
 Unfortunately the implacable line of existence got broken and now there is just one and only trace left of our collaboration .
But the unmistakable sign that music marks on our way remains .
Today the memory of a man and a musician that time didn’t give me the chance to know well remains . The smile that memory gives me remains . It remains .
thanks Thor !

Berlin , July 2014

Thorbjörn Sjögren [ 1947 † 2015 ] Reverbnation




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