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Thorbjörn Sjögren

Thorbjörn Sjögren

Some time ago I had the privilege to get acquainted with a great musician and, from that knowing, several musical ideas took form, springing from mutual understanding and admiration feelings.

That knowledge, although short, gave life to a creature.
We were sure that it would not be left alone; we were determined and motivated to put forth other suggestions, other creatures in addition.
Unfortunately, the implacable line of existence got broken and nowadays there is just one and an only trace left of our collaboration.

But the unmistakable sign, that music marks in life and memory, remain.

Today the memory of a man and musician, whom time has not allowed me to get to know better, remains.

The smile, that remembering gives me, remains.

He remains.

thanks Thor!
Sit tibi terra levis

Recorder 2014, July in Berlin. Thorbjörn Sjögren [1947 † 2015] on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Vimeo

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