About FARF

FarF StudiO is a creative place in Berlin, dedicated to audio production, post-production and music education.

Born from the necessity to canalize several small projects in a full-scale “sonic spot”, today FarF StudiO is a place to meet your sonic demands and to transform ideas into sound, giving shapes to concepts.

Audio Production and Post Production, Sound Design and Soundtrack for Cinema and Television, musical arrangements are just a scope of FarF’s competence.
FarF’s goal? Combine specific knowledge with a long-standing experience and a passionate approach to rise to the challenge of creative works and achieve successful sonic results.

Since 2001 a section of the FarF StudiO is dedicated to training courses of musical disciplines, with a focus on teaching singing, exploring and developing the body memory of the vocal tract, and the multiple resonating bodies. It means to expand a healthy vocal capacity to choose and control one’s own healthy way of singing, going beyond the limitations of inexperience and randomness.