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Who Will Play After?

Who Will Play After?

All songs written, performed, and produced by Munsha
Mixed and mastered by Manuel Grippa at FarF StudiO and Digital Studio
Artwork by Roberto “Robywan” Policastro [ Doppiavú Studio ]
Photography: A chance find at Boxhagener Platz Berlin
Released by GLITCH / Perfect Entropy Productions [BERLIN-NYC] 2016, March

We’d fall down [01] No time [02] Sad [04] Every little step/Goodbye [04]

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Who Will Play After? DELUXE EDITION

feat R.J. Thyme, Nicolo Sommer, Sidechange, Konik Polny, Max Waves, Gonza Rodriguez

“Who will Play After? comes from the feeling of being apart and from the questions that it evoked such as ‘Who will take my place? Who will replace my role?’. It is a game between time, space, and the roles that we like to play. […] The Berlin experience helped to strengthen my multiple sense of belonging. I was (and still am) a cog in many wheels and I live in a city full of experience and stories – as impressive as private – in which every little tile is at the same time crucial and expendable.” [Talking about WWPA with GLITCH label founder Klaas von Karlos. Read here]

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