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“33” it’s not a concept album, it’s not a solution to a personal pursuit and it is not an apocalyptic message. No title, no references, no main actor, but simply short fragments that are collected in a 33-day diary; an image
of an interior maze with 33 entrances and 33 exits.
A personal project of voice and sound experimentation: frozen pieces of everyday inspiration and clear madness which have slid away.
A curiosity game to be re-experienced through the sensibility of every listener to bring out a reaction in 33 seconds.
Bliss, indifference, or disgust it does not matter.
Everyone can therefore have their own coding and journey. Enjoy.

Tracklist: Nape [1-7] Middle Notches [8-19] Curve [20-24] Plinth [25-29] Tail [30-33]
Released 2012, February 9th | Available on Bandcamp

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