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from the upcoming album MÄDCHENORCHESTER is now available on Bandcamp and digital music sores.

MÄDCHENORCHSTER includes the original music composed for the theatre production “Mädchenorchester – Musiktheater mit klassischer und elektronischer Musik nach Erinnerungen der Mitglieder des Frauenorchesters Auschwitz” by spreeagenten which is about the story of the only female orchestra in a concentration camp, specifically in Auschwitz Birkenau.

Familienporträt, the single that anticipates it, is for me a rip in a canvas, a delicate incursion into an imaginary cellar as if to secretly investigate the scents and tones of dusty memories.
The song, as well as its, video  pays homage to all the lives broken by hatred, to the everyday life denied by the abuse of power, in the hope that our conscience, knowledge, and responsibility will never again allow an abomination, such as the Holocaust, to take place.

Music composed, performed and produced by Munsha at FarF StudiO.
Mix and mastering by Lorenzo Maffia [Storm digital recording studio] // Photos: Anna Motterle.

MÄDCHENORCHESTER pre-sale on Bandcamp under this LINK .
A Munsha production, with the support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe through Kulturprojekte Berlin.

The Original stage play soundtrack  is COMING SOON!
Bandcamp LINK to pre-order.

A project by El Aura ft. Munsha

TEXT: Osvaldo Vigna, MUSIC: Federico Melioli, VOICE: Munsha, VIDEO: Lito Castro.

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